Written by Mark O’Rowe
Directed by Kate Nelson
Citizens, Glasgow | Traverse, Edinburgh
Sept – Oct 2005
“Keep we three sheltered,
shielded in our union
from catastrophe approaching,
encroaching upon us in this insidious vicinity,
this savage quarter,
this perpetual crestfall.”
Enter a world so familiar yet strangely unreal. A world that exists on the margins of normal. In this dark and frightening place three women live through six nightmarish hours, through a day to end all days.
Crestfall premiered at The Gate in Dublin in 2003 to great critical acclaim. Nutshell’s production was its UK premiere.
Olive, Alison and Tilly’s stories are set in a place of darkness that seems to subvert all notions of reality. O’Rowe insists however that the play offers us a gleam of light at the end of a dark night of the soul.
Director Kate Nelson had admired Mark’s previous work. When she came upon Crestfall she was struck both by its themes and the fact that it offered three young women very meaty roles to play – an exciting and rare opportunity.
Cast & Crew
Mary Gapinski – Tilly
Laura Smales – Alison
Helen McAlpine – Olive
Designer – Lucinda Meredith
Production Manager – Laura Walshe
Lighting Designer – Neil Hobbs
Composer – Pippa Murphy
Costume Designer – Lisa Cochrane