Torque – Paragon Music

Torque is an exciting new music & dance piece created by composer, Pippa Murphy and choreographer, Caroline Bowditch. They have worked with engineer Calum Cossar and designer, Brian Hartley and Paragon musicians exploring the relationships between music, dance and the science behind wind turbine technology. Torque is the force of the wind on the turbine blades that causes them to rotate. The resulting rotational energy is converted by electromagnetic induction into electrical energy i.e. electricity.

This process of energy conversion is mirrored in the creative journey made by musicians and dancers when first the wind of inspiration gives an impulse for the body to move and the heart to sing. The imagination tempers that impulse and converts its energy into dance or music performance available for an audience to charge their own ‘creative’ batteries.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes form – the law of conservation.

Flute – Richard Blake, Cello – Rudy De Groote, Bass – Ninian Perry,