POP-Up Duets

In rehearsal right now – music to follow:

POP-UP Duets – Janis Claxton Dance 

POP-UP Duets is a series of short, multi-site-specific contemporary dance duets designed for a wide range of public spaces and audiences. POP-UP Duets explore the interface of everyday gesture and action intricately amplified into complex and virtuositic duets designed for both invited and ‘accidental’ audiences.

 POP-UP Duets is a new production by Janis Claxton Dance for public locations including; museums, galleries, cafes, bars, bus-stops, libraries, train stations etc.

POP-UP Duets will bring together the talents of Scottish based choreographer Janis Claxton and composer Pippa Murphy with four world-class dancers to bring contemporary dance with original music of the highest quality to the public domain.

POP-UP Duets will explore the interface of everyday gesture and action, and detailed intricate partner dancing. The duets will arise out of public situations in public spaces lasting from 1-7 minutes long and can be viewed from multiple angles and experienced in a variety of spaces, and traverse various emotional states related to ‘relating to other through physical contact’.

POP-UP Duets are designed to emerge from situations (as opposed to a set up audience-performer environment) and to be received by invited as well as unsuspecting or ‘accidental’ audiences. The duets can be tailored to bespoke events and spaces (think cocktail party, exhibition opening, an underground train ride, bus-stop, street side café etc) and will traverse a wide range of intensity and emotional resonances.

 POP-UP Duets will be elegant, beautiful, intricate, dynamically subtle and moving. They will draw the viewers in and invite visceral empathy as two dancers move with the power of simple everyday interactions amplified into exquisite and dynamic dancing.

The research stage for POP-UP Duets, funded by Creative Scotland, is currently in process and will be completed in partnership with Fife Cultural Trust in November this year with a sharing at Tiffany’s restaurant Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, on Thursday November 26 2015.

Pending funding POP-UP Duets will be completed in summer 2016 for performances at Merchant City Festival, Museum of Scotland during the Festival Fringe and 30 venues in Fife (including libraries).

POP-UP Duets will involve a core team of world-class artists working in collaboration with innovative organisations and creative presenters.

The Artistic Team:

Artistic Director and Choreographer – Janis Claxton

Composer – Pippa Murphy

Dancers – Karianne Andreassen, Christina Liddell, Carlos Javier Martinez, James Southward

Dramaturg – Clive Andrews

Costume Designer – Matthias Strahm

Partners and Presenters:

Fife Cultural Trust http://www.onfife.com

Creative Edinburgh https://www.creative-edinburgh.com

Dance House Glasgow http://www.dancehouse.org

Merchant City Festival http://www.merchantcityfestival.com

National Museum of Scotland www.nms.ac.uk/national-museum-of-scotland