Democratic Resonance Scottish Parliament

Democratic Resonance is the first piece to emerge from the artist residency in the Scottish Parliament by myself and Zoë Irvine (sound artist). We are in the final stages of mixing it for an 8-channel installation in the Parliament from 3pm Friday 14th to 4pm Sunday 16th August.

The piece is installed in one of the meeting rooms that represents a threshold space between the public area and the MSP area of the building. It is a meeting point and an interface. During the Festival of Politics it is also a thoroughfare. The piece aims to bring to the listener a sonic experience of different spaces and times in the working life of the building. Recordings used in the piece come from the corridors, hallways, basement and courtyards. The sound reflects from Kemnay granite, Caithness flagstone, Scottish Oak, Italian marble, glass, concrete, carpet, it circles in the stairwells and liftshafts and resounds through the kitchens, corridors, hallways, basement, chamber and committee rooms.