Recording the Parliament – Artists in Residence

We have just had our proposal accepted and after 3 years been given the go ahead to create:

PARLIAMENT A PLACE OF WORK by Zoë Irvine (artist) and Pippa Murphy (composer). A sonic exploration of the Parliament and the people who work there.

See the article in yesterday’s Scotland on Sunday

We wish to approach the parliament building as a subject and a collaborator (made up of many collaborators), listening to it and the processes within and working with sound recordings. Artistically we aim to combine ideas of sonic & musical aesthetics on the one hand and documentary and cultural analysis on the other.

The project proposes a short residency in which we will record conversations with people who work in the building from crèche staff, to cleaners, to committee members and security guards. We will also create a series of workshops for people who work in the building or who are visiting, to create material for the project.

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