St Magnus Festival – Sounds of the Flow

I have been commissioned to produce ‘Sounds of the Flow’ which will commence with a series of workshops when I will visit Orkney for a week and gather musical, sonic and verbal materials from interactions with people in secondary and primary schools, day centres, residential homes and other relevant groups in order to create a series of installations which will appear during the Festival. These will take the form of listening posts with headphones, which may be encountered at various transport hubs and waiting places around Orkney e.g. the airport, ferry waiting rooms around Scapa Flow, perhaps on NorthLink Ferries and Pier Arts Centre too. It’s planned as a commission with community collaboration and means we can involve a large number of participants of all ages. I will be working with those who can offer some musical input as well as gathering reminiscence, thoughts and history from the participants. We’re hoping to create windows into a variety of places, lives and cultures.

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