Mr McFall’s Chamber Electronics Project

I’ve been working with McFalls Chamber on this year’s Electronics Project. McFalls, Ben Seal and I have set up home for 3 days in Eastgate Theatre, Peebles, where McFalls are a resident ensemble for 2012. We’ve been working with 3 very different composers after a Call for Works, Louise Rossiter, Amble Skuse and Malcolm MacFarlane. We’ve been exploring the following

  • How can instrumental sounds be augmented and elaborated with electronics?
  • What electronic sounds might work well with instrumental timbre?
  • How can an ensemble perform live with electronic sounds or computers and how can composers score their intentions effectively?

It’s a wonderful space to spend a few days, with a beautiful run out through the countryside, a fantastic ensemble, the one and only Ben Seal and a great cafe with cakes, toasted crumpets, and lots of tea (the coffee wasn’t so great!)

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