Premiere of New Work at Aberdeen Art Gallery

My latest piece ‘High Tide, A Winter Afternoon’ for 2 Flutes, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet and Cello was performed at Aberdeen Art Gallery in the SOUND Festival by Richard Craig, Roberto Fabbriciani, Tadej Kenig and Rohan de Saram. This performance showcased new works written by Pippa MurphyOliver SearleGareth Williams and Paul Tierney each inspired by a different work of art. My choice of painting was Joan Eardley’s painting ‘High Tide, A Winter Afternoon’.

‘We were led upstairs to sit in front of High Tide, A Winter Afternoon by Joan Eardley and to hear Pippa Murphy’s music of the same title. There is darkness too in this stormy seashore scene at Catterline which Joan Eardley has painted but it is also clearly a seascape which she loves and this too was reflected in Pippa Murphy’s music full of atmospheric sounds of waves and wind and on Roberto Fabbriciani’s flute, the sudden shriek of seagulls. Stirring somewhere within however and rising to the surface, I sensed the rhythms and sounds of Scottish dance music and for a moment, bagpipe drones. This was the piece that came nearest to some sort of synaesthetic fusion with the painting contrasting with the other composers’ more cerebral reactions.’ Alan Cooper, The Herald, 15th November 2009

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